Repair BKF Files

Repair Corrupt BKF Files

The backup files are stored on window system under the file extension .BKF. The backup files are actually carbon copies of the original files stored under different locations in window system. There are different third party programs that can create backup folders of window data files. Backup folders can be also created for files and folders stored in devices that run on other OS platforms like Macintosh and Novell. Creating backup archives of data files has several advantages like:

  • Backup archives can be stored in safe mediums like pen drives, DVDs and floppy disks
  • It can be used to retrieve sensitive data in case corruption or deletion of original files
  • User can delete some or all data files from the system’s hard disk after making backup of such files
  • Prevents unauthorized access of the sensitive data files

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Common causes of corruption of BKF files and folders

Backup archives are extremely useful in case the user loose the original files from the system. These files help the user to retrieve all data of the original files, which are lost or corrupted. But BKF files can also face corruption issues due to unspecified number of factors. Some common reasons of damages in the BKF files are:

  • Installation of malicious programs on the system
  • Corruption in storage mediums where BKF files are saved
  • Unexpected system shutdown
  • Deletion of BKF files
  • CRC redundancy errors
BKF File Repair Tool

Repair BKF is a user friendly program to expediently repair the corrupt or damaged backup archives stored under different OS platforms like MS windows, Novell and Macintosh. The tool use QFSCI algorithm to ensure speedy retrieval of files and folders from the corrupt BKF files. The software scans each partition of the window system to get the list of all BKF files. User can select all or specific BKF files from the software’s preview list and press recover option to begin backup file recovery operation. The recovered data are saved by the program in its original file extension name such as .jpeg, .doc, .xls, .ppt and .mp3.

Salient properties:

Below mentioned are the features of the Repair BKF program:

  • Fixes all errors of the corrupt or inaccessible BKF archives
  • Reinstate unspecified number of corrupt BKF files in one repair cycle
  • Works on all BKF archives that are created by veritas or other software utilities under the windows, Novell and Macintosh OS platforms
  • Supports BKF file repair that contains Unicode characters
  • Save snapshot and recover snapshot modes to suspend and resume the Backup file recovery process after specific time gap
  • Recovers all forms of data such as images, pictures, documents, graphs, spreadsheets, tables from the damaged BKF files
  • Allows the user to save the recovered files at specific location of his/her system
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Supported Window system:

The software can run on different windows versions such as MS window 95, 98SE, NT, 2000, XP, Vista, 7, 8/8.1 and 10

Minimum system requirement:

Repair BKF software needs following for installation

  • A Window system
  • Pentium processor or equivalent
  • 64 MB RAM or above
  • At least 10 MB free space on system
Evaluate the free version- BKF Rcovery Tool

You can install the free version of Repair BKF software on your system for evaluation purpose. The software in evaluation mode will show you a Preview list of recovered data from the corrupt BKF folders. But one will have to obtain the license code of BKF restore program, if s/he wants to save the repaired BKF archives on her/his system.

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